Integrated Trailer Access Platform - (ITAP)

Freight Cyber proudly presents ITAP, our innovative trailer designed to revolutionise heavy vehicle driver safety. As a leader in transportation technology, we provide comprehensive solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Introducing ITAP

ITAP stands as Freight Cyber’s flagship driver height safety system, meticulously crafted to streamline back of vehicle access and enhance safety for heavy vehicle operators. Built using design thinking and industry-leading safety standards, ITAP offers an extendable platform that uniquely allows drivers and loaders to safely navigate around the trailer during loading, unloading, inspections and maintenance tasks.

Key Features of ITAP

ITAP simplifies trailer access, enabling drivers to conduct routine activities including load securement, pre-trip inspections, tarping, and other essential tasks with ease and safety. Our user-friendly and intuitive design ensures that drivers can complete tasks safely and efficiently via the activation of extendable platforms around the trailer.

Safety and quality are paramount at Freight Cyber. ITAP incorporates high-quality materials for durability and is built in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality standards, AS1657: 2018 fixed platforms, walkways and ladders, exceeding the national code of practice VSB6. With ITAP, you can trust that your drivers are protected, and your operations are compliant with industry regulations.

ITAP provides a height safety solution wherever you go, no need to climb onto a truck tray or trailer without the peace of mind that ITAP will prevent your fall.

Enhance safety and productivity with ITAP. Whether managing a small fleet or a large logistics operation, ITAP is designed to prioritise driver safety while optimising operational efficiency and flexibility.

Why Choose ITAP by Freight Cyber?

Safety First

Freight Cyber prioritises driver safety above all else, offering robust features designed to prevent accidents and safeguard your valuable assets.

Ease of Use

ITAP's extendable safety platform is designed with end-users in mind, ensuring that drivers can easily access trailers and perform essential tasks with minimal complexity.

Compliance Confidence

With ITAP, rest assured that your operations consistently meet industry regulations and safety standards.

Ready to Experience the Future of Trailer Access?

Contact Freight Cyber today to discover more about ITAP and how our integrated platform can revolutionise heavy vehicle driver safety within your organisation.

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