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Empowering your logistics journey with cutting-edge solutions for seamless, compliant, and efficient freight management.

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Our cutting-edge platform addresses the critical challenges faced by the Australian freight industry, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances communication, accessibility of information, reporting, scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, and regulatory compliance.

Freight Cyber Solutions

Freight Cyber offers a dedicated Communication Hub that seamlessly aggregates and disseminates transport information, fostering effective communication among internal and external stakeholders.

Our platform provides a Centralised Data Repository, providing a unified source for insights into product status, supplier performance, and service provider efficiency, enhancing overall information accessibility.

With Advanced Reporting and Analytics, we centralise transportation information, making reporting and analysis more efficient, insightful, and actionable.

Our Scalable Architecture ensures that communication systems adapt effortlessly to accommodate a growing user base and increased data volume, addressing the scalability challenges faced by the freight industry.

Embracing a Cloud-Based Infrastructure, we offer a cost-effective solution that minimises maintenance requirements, providing sustainable and easily managed applications.

Our robust Cybersecurity Protocols safeguard critical data, ensuring a secure environment that protects against potential threats and breaches.

Freight Cyber is designed to navigate and adapt to complex regulations, ensuring adherence to evolving NHVR standards and compliance requirements, such as work hour limitations, driver & vehicle safety standards, and emissions regulations. 

Transition from manual work diaries to Electronic Work Diaries, reducing inaccuracies, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring compliance with evolving industry regulations.

Our Integrated Systems approach ensures seamless collaboration between various applications and stakeholders, preventing data silos and optimising the entire supply chain.

Our Key Modules

Embark on a journey with us and experience the difference:

Business Operations

Empower your operations with our Business Operations module.

Driver Application

Empower your drivers with our cutting-edge Driver Application.

Customer Portal

Experience seamless interaction and communication with our Customer Portal.

Subcontractor Portal

Collaborative module to allow job integration between business and subcontractors.

WorkForce Management

A self-service hub to empower employees to take control of their own personal profiles.

Asset Management

Optimising the lifecycle of your assets with Asset Management solutions.

Customer Relationship Management

Empower your business with our solutions.

Your Logistics Future Starts Here

At Freight Cyber, our services are more than just software development – they are a commitment to transforming your business and unlocking new possibilities in the world of transport and freight management.

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